Blue Venom (Pre Roll Pack)


Hybrid CBD: 0.021% THC: 10%-14%
Blue Venom is a potent and aromatic indica-dominant cannabis strain, a cross between Blueberry (Juicy Fruit x Afghani) and White Widow (Brazilian sativa x Indian indica). Produced by Weed Me in Ontario, Blue Venom was first created by G13 Labs in Europe and is known for its large, trichome covered flowers.  7x 0.5 gram pre-rolls.


Based on its indica-dominant heritage, Blue Venom typically produces buds that are both large and densely-packed. The leaves of the dried flowers range in colour from army green to dark eggplant, intertwined with bright orange pistils. The buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes, a result of its White Widow lineage. The buds were professionally milled for optimum consistency for use in premium pre-rolls.

Blue Venom is a fruity and aromatic cultivar whose unique terpene profile is dominated by myrcene, humulene, guaiol and limonene. Myrcene, found in lemongrass and hops, among many other plants, has been reported to offer a relaxing experience in combination with cannabinoids such as THC. Humulene, also present in hops and pungent herbs such as basil and coriander, is similarly thought to provide meditative effects. Guaiol is a terpene common in cypress pine trees and a flowering plant called guaiacum. Guaiol is being investigated for its potentially antirheumatic (arthritis) and anti-oxidant properties. Limonene is also present here in significant quantities, delivers tangy notes of citrus and mint.


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