Birthday Cake, likewise known “Birthday Cake Kush,” is an indica-prevailing mixture with solid body impacts and sweet cake-like flavor. As wanton as its Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie parent strains, Birthday Cake buds sprout with a translucent icing of THC-rich sap. Like any sweet, Birthday Cake is the ideal method to end your day, with profoundly loosening up impacts that calm the body without quieting the psyche. This strain is liked by patients treating torment, nervousness, craving misfortune, irritation, and migraines. Buy birthday cake online

Allow them to puff Cake!!! The flavor is exceptionally sweet, with fruity tones. It has some punch for an Indica predominant strain. I for the most part smoke Indica predominant strains, and now and again I run over one that truly sticks out and this is one of those strains. This wonderful young lady won’t give me lounge chair lock rather a pleasant body high anticipates, this bud can instigate a functioning and innovative psyche making it incredible for daytime use. This isn’t bud I for one would smoke before bed, I have more qualified bud for that. It was extraordinary recently vaping some Birthday Cake Kush and simply releasing hours in my studio. It likewise tackles it’s work of controlling my queasiness, however I don’t discover it to be the most grounded torment the executives bud, it brings some relief from my aggravation. This is a great strain I’m so happy I ran over it. I strongly suggest you check it out and check whether it’s the right medication for you.

Wedding cake’ is my most favorite strain EVER. I tried it on a chance. Gotten it 5 times since. I am in love with wedding cake! It’s amazing FIRE. Smells like lemon cake with vanilla icing <3. Very relaxing, totally killed the pain I was having from stomach cramps. Great for winding down at the end of the day.


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