Candy Cane Brain is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through the cross of Silver Shadow X Grapefruit strains. With an insanely high THC level that ranges from 19-20% on average and effects that can be disorienting at times, Candy Cane Brain is not made for the novice user.




The aroma and flavor of Candy Cane Brain are surprising given its name – it smells of sugary fruity wine and a taste of fruity sweet wine with a hint of savory skunk upon exhale that oddly complements the original taste. how to buy candy cane These buds have small to medium-sized arrowhead-shaped minty green nugs that are covered with dark twisty leaves and a thick layer of translucent chunky trichomes. buy candy cane online, buy candyland online, where to order candy cane, buy candy cane marijuana, candy cane marijuana shop

The Candy Cane Brain high is reminiscent of an intense sugar rush – where to order candy cane you’ll feel insanely uplifted and happy with powerful waves of creative and social energy washing over your body and filling you with a strong fit of the giggles. buy candyland online This combination of effects can be disorienting at times, making it not ideal for patients suffering from anxiety. Due to these powerful effects, Candy Cane Brain is perfect for treating patients suffering from fatigue, depression, migraines, and chronic pain.

My best strain for body relaxation. I take 4-5 hits before bed and my body start to be relax and my muscles become paralyzed. I start to feel my neck become warm and my head are light ! this is a very good muscle relaxant and perfect for light to medium pain. be careful. the biggest side effect is MUNCHIES !! SUGAR !!

Got this strain and was instantly tooken aback by how crystal-y it was. The nugs were tight and, quite literally, FROSTED with a beautiful layer of sparkling THC. First hit out of the bong was smooth and very good tasting. This is a strong indica so it has some couch lock effects, buy candy cane online but overall very enjoyable. Happy, euphoric, music sounded very good. Beware tho! You MUST be around a copious amount of food when consuming this strain. It will give you the munchies like never before. candy cane marijuana shop.

great strain (almost) overall. flavor and smell are quite sweet and minty, very pleasant. the high of this itself is relaxing, euphoric, though mood swings may occur. paranoia was a frequent negative side effect, though not many others were noticed. on the bright side, this strain definitely helps with a low appetite, along with my menstrual cramps I’ve found as well, and made me a whole load happier. where to order candy cane

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