Orange Crush is a half and half cannabis strain made by intersection California Orange and Blueberry. This strain delivers incredible cerebral results that are elevating. Orange Crush offers a very sweet and tart flavor profile. Cultivators say this strain makes some blooming memories of 7-9 weeks. Buy orange crush online

Gotten in Seattle. One of my #1 strains for an overall sensation of quiet. Music and environmental factors become seriously immersing and awesome presumably for the primary half hour after use. After that for generally about the following 2 hours a quiet perseveres, food keeps on tasting awesome, and, remarkable to this strain for me, individuals all appear to be fascinatingly lovely. Descends simple.

Orange Crush from Chalice Farms THC 21.75% CBD 0.24%. 2 grams of bud arrived in a prepackaged earthy colored zip lock baggie. Suitably named, it smells like orange strip and pine with a delicate, berry air waiting in the nostrils for a piece.

Pleasant looking buds; lime and olive green and totally shrouded in orange hairs. Not exceptionally chilly however not without its radiance by the same token. Smoked in my outdated twofold chamber metal line it smoked smooth and delectable. After two hits I was overwhelmed by a floaty, cerebral high. An intriguing energizer without a doubt, however I wouldn’t venture to such an extreme as to say it was actually stimulating, however it didn’t make me sluggish or tired, I could’ve gone on a climb on the off chance that somebody had talked me into it. No munchies, a touch of cotton mouth and no distrustfulness. Certainly some great Oregon developed bud..


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