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Purple Diesel is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Pre-98 Bubba Kush with Sour Diesel. Purple Diesel produces energizing effects that are uplifting and focused. This strain is is known to cause feelings of euphoria and fits of giggles. Purple Diesel tastes sour, with a fuel-like aroma. Growers say this strain has dense, dark purple buds and comes with an early flowering time of around 8 weeks. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms related to depression and stress. Buy purple diesel online

When I saw Purple Diesel in the collective I about jumped for joy. Sour D being one of my favorite strains I knew that whatever the Purple cross was I would enjoy it. The buds were very fluffy and dark purple (There was almost no green on these buds) with long dark orange hairs. The smell? Heaven? It actually smelled quite like diesely berries.. But It was heavenly nonetheless! The high was perfect. Very heady and happy. Also a very creative strain! Overall I give this strain a 4.5/5 – Medicinally good for Stress, Depression, and Fatigue. Buy purple diesel online

Hey, I’m a medical grower out of Northern California. I’ve grown two different PurpleDiesel strains over the years and my second strain has been my favorite. Both strains genetically turn purple even with <70 degree temps. The fan leaves on both strains also turned orange-red-purple-black hued. normally a mix with a major black/purple tip to stem. (I’m on my third rotation of the second strain right now) The flowering pattern of the two were very different, the second strain being extra ordinarily dense with an extra heaping of trichomes on each bud/calyx tip (loses less mass than any other strain I’ve had while drying) The bud is pure purple, and without having the name you wouldn’t know any diesel contributed genetics. The high is creeping, relaxing, and confusing. You may smoke .2 grams, think that you’re not high, so you have another .15, and then you just feel a ‘chill calm’ but 30 minutes later it’ll catch up and you’ll be couch locked and your eyes will be puffing up. Good in the early morning or later evening but not a preferable mid day smoke. Hope that helped some people out 🙂 Note to growers: this strain is very easy to manage in veg state, but beware that once flipped to flower this strain is extra light sensitive so change out your work cfl bulbs to the lowest possible lumens and make sure your walls are 100% tight. This is also considered a quick solid 8 week strain. I have a buddy growing the same strain for years and he doesn’t even check for amber anymore- always harvest at 8 weeks (but I let mine go 8.5-9). This strain will also seem like a slow starter when flowering; my GSC and other strains all have fatter pistil bunches week 3-6, but after that the purple has a hormonal spurt and catches up quickly.

Vaped with a Pax. Good results with both light and medium temperatures. On light temp: light head buzz, slight pain relief and tingles. On medium: nice head buzz, spacey and glassy cerebral high, decent body buzz. Will not couch lock you unless you let it. This can be considered a good wake ‘n bake and a good afternoon strain. Responds well to repetitive tasks and makes them enjoyable. A good weekday strain to take the edge off of work after a hard day and also a great one as a buffer coming into the office.


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